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Changing the front page to display full articles

I have had some enquiries about changig the front page from having excerpt of stories to the full story of each post on the front page.  It is pretty easy to change, this is how it is done.

Log into the admin of your site.
go to Appearance>Editor>index.php
Find this line
<?php the_excerpt(); ?>
replace it with
<?php the_content(); ?>
save the file.
All the post will be on the front page

Announcement: Breathe Version 2.1

I have just released Breathe version 2.1 which includes a lot of changes under the hood.  The most exciting thing is that there is a Breathe Option page located under the Appearance tab.  The options page will enable admin change the site more easily without having to know CSS and PHP.  Have a play around an see if you like it.

If you are a Google Adsense affiliate you can add you adsense code straight into the Options page boxes.  You also have the option of showing ads at the top and the bottom or only ads at the top and not bottom or vice versa. Get it very versatile…

If you need help are get stuck I have whipped up a Help Forum so take look or add a question to get help.

The Style-2.css page is to make changes to your CSS if you want without altering the original code. Neat stuff…just find the CSS that you want to change in the original stylesheet then copy it and paste it into the style-2.css.  Make the changes, delete the things that stay the same and viola the change has been made but can be undone as easily as deleting the style in the Style-2.css.  I have an example already where I make the ads at the top of my page centered.  Delete the top ads text align:center; and it will be positioned left.  Give it a go it is awesome….

What else can I tell you! Just get your hands dirty and give it a go see how it goes for you.

Enjoy the theme  and let me know what you think.  I love positive feedback…

Changing the height of the Header Image

I get lots of requests on changing the header picture height of the Breathe Theme, so this is a quick how to guide.

The default settings for the image in the head section (mountain range) is width = 950px and height = 20.2em.

To change the height it is a simple matter of changing the height in the Style.css page.

  1. Under the Appearance tab click on Editor.
  2. The page that appears should be style.css, if not go to the right side of the page and find Styles heading and under there is Stylesheet (style.css) click on this.
  3. Scroll down the page to find this  #header
  4. Change 20.2em beside height to whatever you would like e.g., height:100px; Don’t worry about spaces and make sure that the ; is at the end as per the example.
  5. Click Update File at the bottom of this page. A bar at the top pops up “File edited successfully“.
  6. View your changes on your site by opening another browser window and press the refresh button or F5 key on your keyboard to make sure that the changes are like you expected.

Drop Down Menu

I have just added a drop down menu for pages in my Breathe theme. They are the ones displayed on the top navigation line. Lots of people wanted it so I just bit the bullet and worked the damn thing out.  Thanks majorly to SEOadsenseThemes for publishing their article on how to use jQuery drop down menu for WordPress. I have configured the CSS styling to reflect the navigation for the bottom nav bar if you put it in. I just have to look over a couple of more things, package it up and then have it reviewed by WordPress. It should take just a few more weeks so stand by…

UPDATE: I am having issues with the menu working in IE. So until this is fixed I will not be releasing the update.  Damn IE…

Changing the picture in the header

This is the mountain range at the top of the page.  The easiest way to change it is to make your image the same size and same file name and them upload it to the images folder.

The header image is 950×200 pixels.

The header image can be located in the images folder within the breathe folder. It is called header.jpg

Alternatively if you have already added the theme to your wordpress it is now located at wp-content/themes/breathe/images

Version 1.7 upgrade

This update has fixed an error which was causing a header error from the functions.php file.

A comments count has been added to the front page.

I have removed the default thumbnail for posts without images, but it will still display images on posts that have images.

If you have made modifications to your Breathe theme and don’t want them over written the best way is to download the theme then upload the index.php, styles.css, search.php and functions.php files to over write the old files.  Also upload “comment-grey-bubble.png” into the images folder and that is it, you will have the latest version working for you.

Important Update Fix

This is an important update if you have had any errors relating to the the header being already sent from Breathe version 1.4.

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /hsphere/local/home/blah/ in /hsphere/local/home/blah/ on line 850

If you have made changes to the Theme, these will be over written when you update, including the header.jpg.  This does not include the changes to the navigation plugin and therefore the navigation bar. If you would like to just fix this problem without updating the entire theme upload the functions.txt file. Rename this file functions.php and save it, then replace it with your FTP in the Breathe Theme.  Alternatively cut and paste this into your functions.php file through the admin.